About Us

Our History

Technology solutions for small farmers. SUMARTH is a for-purpose initiativeto make agriculture effortless, profitable, and fancy. We are engineering technology with sociology and psychology to solve the biggest statement of global economy. We provide end-to-end advisory support to farmers from crop planning to market linkage along with encouraging sustainable and profitable agrarian livelihood using modern agro-techniques, integrated farming and leveraging latest low-cost technology solutions. We are GuideStar India Advanced Level - Gold certified NGO, very few among 8000 NGOs have this level of certification indicating high level of accountability and good governance procedures. GuideStar India is India’s largest and most reliable online information repository with 8000 NGOs. To view our profile at GuideStar India, please visit here

Welcome to Sumarth

SumArth/MICROX Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise headquartered in Gaya, Bihar to support farmers in their economic growth by providing 360 degree solution, from crop planning to ensured market linkage in agriculture. Its core area is market linked profitable agriculture with objective to make agriculture effortless, profitable and less risky. Currently it is running development programmes on Onion, Mushroom, Honey and some more value added products in and around Gaya since its inception in 2015. It has a total beneficiary size of more than 10,000 farmers and generated revenue of more than 25 crores rupees for farmers till now. It runs development projects in five districts of Bihar- Gaya, Aurangabad, Jehanabad, Arwal and Nawada.

Our Mission

To provide 360-degree support to farmers specially the marginal with solutions for input linkages, technology, production optimization and market linkages

Our Vision

To transform farming from an occupation to a respectful profession and enable farmers to earn consistently high returns by reducing risk factors.

Project Onion

Highly dynamic onion price and import of onion in Gaya mandi gives opportunity to generate n times high income in onion production. Sumarth is supporting farmers to utilize such type of opportunity and implementing Project Onion in four districts- Gaya, Aurangabad, Arwal and Jehnabad. SumArth organizes training sessions in different villages of these districts and facilitate onion marketing and storage for profit of onion farmers. It is working with about 1000 Farmers in more than 60 villages directly in Gaya every year.
We produced more than 20,000 MT of onion in 2016-19 and generation revenue of around 20 crore in the same period for our onion-growers.

Magical Mushroom

This project ensured daily income to farmers and provides minimum double return within 45 days. It is grown in off farm conditions under controlled environment. It is the crop with minimum risk. In Gaya district, SumArth's Magical Mushroom Project is generating high income in minimum effort. More than 1000 farmers has been trained and 600 farmers are cultivating mushroom in Gaya and producing more than 50 MT to earn revenue of about 50 lakhs rupees.

Miracle Moringa

Moringa/Drumstick is considered as native plant of Gaya, one can see thousands of moringa plants across Gaya district. Although it’s super food and every parts of this plant is of use and very rich in nutrition but traditionally local people use only vegetable component that too for 2-3 months. So, we piloted Moringa in one Bigha, which fruits throughout year but we primarily harvest moringa leaves and then it’s dried in solar dryer and then it’s sold to premium customers like NABARD, ICICI, Athlete Associations etc. in powder farm. Also, intercropping of crops like Marigold is being done in moringa field. This model can provide yield of 1.5-2.5 lakhs rupees/acre/year to farmers with initial investment of 50-60k within 6-8 months. Now this model has been scaled to more than 50+ acres in Gaya.